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Motivation inspires movement
Motivation inspires movement
Motivation inspires movement
Motivation inspires movement
Motivation inspires movement

Finding the

Space to Move



Human Brain With Strings

Developed by Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, a physicist, engineer, Judo master, and student of human development and neuroscience, The Feldenkrais Method® is an innovative and empowering approach to improved function, enhanced movement and embodied sense of self.

Feldekrais Practitioners direct you to engage in slow, gentle movements that create a context for you to develop awareness of how you move. They provide you with the opportunity to experience differences in the quality of your movement and ultimately give you a greater sense of ease and comfort as you identify and experience new possibilities for movement and life.

Feldenkrais lessons give you the opportunity to reduce nervous tension expressed in habitual, often hidden, postures and movement patterns and allow your nervous system the potential to find ease and clarity not only in movement but in thought, sensation and improved regulation and understanding of self.

“What I am After isn’t flexible bodies, but flexible brains”

Moshe Feldenkrais

experience Feldenkrais

Functional Integration

Private Lessons

Awareness Through Movement

Group Classes

During these sessions, a highly trained practitioner will use touch to physically guide you through safe, effortless movements.

Lessons take place on low, padded tables and are a dialogue of movement, touch and words that highlight current patterns of movement and holding tension and bring awareness to new easier modes of action.

Woman practicing Somatic movement in her Health Studio, Awareness through movement, embodiment and Feldenkrais Method

Group ATM classes guide you through carefully structured movement sequences, crafted to bring particular attention to how you move.

Over the course of a lesson you may be asked to lie down, sit or stand. You are guided through novel or unfamiliar movements that bring awareness to current modes of action and invite new ways of moving.

Two people doing relaxation exercise on the floor

“To Learn we need time, attention and discrimination: to discriminate we must sense.

This means that in order to learn we must sharpen our powers of sensing”

Moshe Feldenkrais


Bec’s journey to become a Feldenkrais practitioner has been a one of self-discovery, learning, continued education and life experience.

Her passion for improved movement, first as an athlete and now as a necessity for remaining as joyful and active as she can be, lead her to discover the Feldenkrais Method. A series of Functional Integration lessons with a skilled practitioner changed her life and in 2017 she undertook the 4 years of training to become a practitioner. Bec continues to marvel at the gentle nature, the self-exploration and discovery, the novelty, the philosophy and the personal healing capabilities of The Feldenkrais Method.

Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner

Bachelor of Applied Science, Human Movement

Graduate Diploma of Education


Practicing on the Sunshine Coast QLD

Mobile: 0438 576 141



“Bec’s Awarenesses Through Movement classes have allowed my body to rediscover movement and function that it had long ago forgotten.

The classes are gentle but have a quite surprising positive effect. ”

Bella Laidlaw

“Bec’s ATM classes are wonderful. She has such a calming presence and is a patient and articulate teacher. Afterwards I feel so much more present, peaceful, settled and at ease in my body. ”

Angela Ashley-Tan


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by Susan Helier

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